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Posted on: July 11, 2012
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What key elements must your business video have to be successful in terms of not only being watched, but shared with friends or others who would benefit from your service or products?

  • Take time to write down 3-5 things that make your business special to your clients.
  • In each of the areas, write a brief description of a couple of sentences to help you stay focused and on point.  Its easy to begin editorializing…
  • Why did you or how did this business begin? How did it get started?  People enjoy stories as it helps connect them to you, humanizing you and your product.  Imagine how many times you read a great biography on someone who is living and then the next time you see them on TV your depth of understanding is far different and emotionally attached…this is really key and should not be overlooked or downplayed as unimportant.
  • Remember this video you are placing on a website is NOT a commercial, it is your opportunity to tell a story, so when it comes to selling, make it soft.  Add your hours, and days of operation as a closing and invitation.
  • The length of your video is very important.  Videos under 3 minutes according to a report from YouTube shows 85% of the videos in this time frame are watched in their entirety.  So keep it in the 1-3 minute range.
  • Add variety to your video. I mean when your talking, the camera does not have to be on you 100% of the time.  By adding some additional editing and b-roll your video is much more engaging and entertaining.  It also allows you to give a visual tour of your store or business so when your new customers arrive for the first time, they already feel like they’ve been there.  Familiarity is a great thing to have on your side.
  • Last on the list (while there are more) is quality of production.  Video is an investment. Unlike an ad run in the local newspaper, the shelf life of a quality video can last a long long time.  Industry standards are between $1,000 and $4,000 per minute produced.  Meaning when you have a video created of 3 minutes it could be $3-12,000 dollars.   Other options do exist that will drive this investment down without sacrificing production quality.  So do not be discouraged…video is a must.

The following video is one that was created and edited by our company swingpointmedia for our business video review site, mycitybusinessreview.  It exceeded the expectations of the client and when we showed how they could not afford not to do video their decision to move forward was quite painless.


Old Town Massage, click here to see their custom business video review

Making a video for your business is a decision that can help attract new customers 24/7 and 365 days a year.  The internet never sleeps.  And study shows that 90% of people coming onto the Internet are doing search…searching for the right services or product provider to invest their time and money. Are you putting yourself in the way of this oncoming traffic?


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