Video, Is It Right For My Business – Video Business Review

Posted on: July 13, 2012
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Video, Is It Right For My Business – Video Business Review

Video, is it right for your business?  This is such a great question I began to do some research and discovered some pretty amazing facts about when a video may be appropriate, or in some case critical when it comes to helping visitors to your website really get a full understanding and appreciation of your product or service.

Let’s begin with the idea that when you have a service type business that a video may not be helpful…oh contrare mona mie”

Imagine you have a window washing service and you have on video how you arrive in your service vehicle equipped with far more than water, bucket and a squeegee.  Your potential customers now have the chance to see you, the person who will be coming to their home or business (familiarity) and exactly what you do to make your window washing business superior to your competitors.

They get to watch step by step how you take  extra pride and care in cleaning the inside and out and when a water spotted window needs extra care from a rogue sprinkler that may have left you thinking “this window is ruined”, quickly and easily makes it shine like new again…

They also get to hear more about your business, like how many years you’ve been in business, the passion you express in your voice of why you do what you do…helping them realize this is more than just  a job!

Yes video can take the potential customer on a tour that will motivate them to pick up the phone and make the call for their appointment with you.

This can be done for any kind of service. From Pool Service to Air Conditioning, to Plumbing…you name it This can be the bridge to help the customer make a decision to select you out of all the others on the Google Search list.

How about if you sell widgets?

What if you had a product that on the surface was maybe complicated?  Use of video can take something complicated and make it much less daunting and unapproachable.

What if you sold say Roof Top Evaporative Coolers…(Hey putting a hole in your roof can certainly make a do it yourself-er a little nervous)  What if we came out and filmed the entire installation, from a to z, then edited it down to 1-3 minutes, showing how your expert technicians carefully measured exactly where to install this device on the roof, before cutting the hole.

And before cutting the hole in the ceiling they took extra care in protecting your furniture and valuables from dust and debris.  Then after it was all installed, how you walked them not only through the use, but also the ease of future care needed to insure the most efficient operation.

You also took the time to go over the cost savings, as well as the added value of having a more moist environment, making your skin less dry and your furnishing made of wood last longer.  And of course you also explain how you and your company have just begun the relationship with you, providing yearly inspections before the season begins to make sure the pumps and filters are ready to go…

You see, a video business review allows you to create a relationship that leads to sales, where a commercial is designed to sell services without the ability to share with the customer whose behind the name on the trucks and vans. Mainly due to the costs and time. A typical commercial being 30 seconds, while an online business video review is 1 to 3 minutes.

So what kind of businesses would benefit most from video?  All businesses, yes even real estate sales people, because each one of them are their own business and wouldn’t you want to know a little more about the agent coming to your home before they knocked on door for the first time.

The following is a video of a local business located in Old Town La Quinta, called The Wine Bar in Old Town.  It is owned by Robert and Joni Mott.  They opened a little less than a year ago and have done a great job building a loyal following.

They have wine tastings on Saturdays, Wine Clubs and live entertainment on the weekends.  Robert also produces a weekly video for his clients called Wine Notes. This allows him to send out informative information on a weekly basis that add value to his customers.  These videos contain only information and are not designed as a selling piece and are part of his overall marketing approach, called video content marketing.

Click The Wine Bar at Old Town to see a their videoThe Wine Bar at Old Town


Our goal with MyCityBusinessReveiw is to create the largest online video business review site in the world.  This will allow those who search to simply come to this site and then drill down, find or compare business features and benefits watching videos about those businesses, making an informed decision.

If you have a business, and want to join the growing list of those on our site, contact us by calling 760-483-3834.  We specialize making quality online videos.

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