Valley Wide Tool Repair – Palm Desert – Video Business Review

Posted on: August 17, 2013
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Stopped by Valley Wide Tool Repair today while signing up another business for MyCityBusinessReview.
What an incredible shop and owner, George Ramirez.
They repair anything from power tools to air compressors, nail guns, gas saws, generators…you name it.
While I was waiting one gentleman…a regular walked in. He had an employee who lost a tiny little hook and spring out of a piece of equipment
George went rummaging around in back of the shop and appears out of the back with exact hook and spring the gentleman was in need of…perfect fit…NO CHARGE!
A few minutes later another man walked in the shop just to say thank you. He was from Yucca and had called 2 weeks ago with an air compressor problem. George walked him through trouble shooting the issue and was able to helped him fix the problem over the phone. Wow! George’s customer service earns him customers for life and is why his business has been thriving for over 20 years.

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