Mamacita’s Mexican In Palm Desert- Video Business Review

Posted on: June 27, 2013
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Mamacitas- Business Video Review

Behind every good Mexican restaurant is great Chili Verde.

In fact the first dish I try when checking out a new Mexican restaurant is chili verde.  Dante the owner of Mamacitas perfected his chili verde before he ever opened up his restaurant.


He was the personal chef for Frank Sinatra for 25 years.  Frank loved Dante’s chili verde.  I think what stands out to me is the subtle heat that sneaks up on you.

Although it is full of pork the flavor of the chili is the real star…it has the perfect balance between tart, sweet, savory and spicy.

Although the chili verde accompanies many dishes at Mamacitas, I enjoy it straight up with a couple corn tortillas.  Mamacitas is a great little hole in the wall Mexican restaurant just off Cook near the wash.  We tend to go there for lunch and it is packed full of locals.


Their other signature dish is the mole which I will have to try some time too.  But Dante’s chili verde is a tough one to beat.





Amy Anderson

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