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Posted on: July 9, 2012
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3 Reasons why adding video to your site is critical is really a very short list. Video is no longer an option. In fact if you are creating a static website of still photos or just a bunch of text your site will quickly be overlooked by the gorilla in the room.

The Gorilla?  Google!

You see Google loves video, especially when they are done well and have relevant content.   There was a time any video would improve a search ranking.  These days are behind us as Google Spyder tools are much more sophisticated.  You see they can analyze a video just like they can text to make sure it is relevant to the title and accurate so when a person searches, they deliver accurately and quickly on the search.

The 3 Reasons why video is so important now, and not an option?

Reason Number 1:  

When someone searches for a product or service and they have video on their website, the one with the video is 50 times more likely to appear higher in the search query than the one that does not have video…get a video on your site!


Reason Number 2:

When someone comes to your site and it is filled with tons of text, it is highly unlikely that that person will stay. When adding video it makes you site more “sticky”.  Meaning the people will tend to hang around longer.

You have less than 3 seconds to make an impression when someone clicks into your site.  If it doesn’t have video, chances are they won’t read a bunch of text and just click away…can you afford that to happen?


Reason Number 3:

Increases your conversion rate.  Yes conversion…meaning folks will be willing to take the next step when a site has video than one without.  To the tune of 41%! One reason,  with video you can begin creating a relationship with the viewer because you can share your story via video.

Bonus:  Did you know that in a 3 minute video you can share the same amount of information that it would take a person 30 minutes to read!

Video, very powerful. And a tool all businesses must begin to incorporate immediately.

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to see how businesses are beginning to easily add visual interactive content to not only their websites, but to social media, blogs, you name it…hey 2 billion video views a day on YouTube…I don’t think this is a fad!


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